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  • Borobudur Hotel in Central Jakarta is a 5 star hotel
  • the average visitor rating for Borobudur Hotel is 3.3 out of 5

Hotel Borobudur offers everything you expect from a top-end, high-quality hotel. Its 695 guestrooms feature air conditioning with individual temperature control, TV with satellite channels, multi-line IDD telephones with voice mail, PC and internet connection, mini-bar, coffee/tea making facilities, hair dryer, bathrobe, in-room safety deposit box, and keycard entry.

The hotel’s leisure facilities are also top notch. Thanks to its large grounds, it is one of the only hotels in Jakarta to offer an Olympic-sized pool (plus a smaller kiddy pool also). There is also a running track, comprehensive gym with complimentary exercise classes, outdoor sport area, basketball and badminton courts, and eight tennis courts – some enclosed and with night lighting! There is also an outdoor playground and supervised kids club. Or, for real relaxation, try the spa, steam room, saunas and cold plunge.

Yet Hotel Borobudur also offers a more authentic, culturally Indonesian experience than some of its peers. Stylish Indonesian decor can be found throughout the hotel, and its most popular restaurant – the Bogor Cafe – is famous for its Oxtail Soup. Starting at $59, reserve a room.

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Borobudur Hotel is at Jalan Lapangan Banteng Selatan 1 in Central Jakarta.{wpregooglemap}

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4 Comments on “Borobudur Hotel”

  1. Chris says:

    I enjoyed my stay at Borobudur Hotel, despite not feeling very well at the time.

    It does or has a few things beyond what you might expect at your average luxury hotel:

    – As a light sleeper, I appreciated that the room’s curtain rails were designed to not just meet, but overlap. The big, thick pillows – four per room – were very comfortable, too.

    – As an amateur photographer, I enjoyed the historical photos of Indonesia and Indonesians that dotted the walls along each floor. The view out the window of Lapangan Banteng with Istiqlal mosque, the Catholic Cathedral and the West Irian Freedom Monument (a.k.a. The Howzat Man) was pretty cool, too. No, the room isn’t noisy from the Istiqlal mosque.

    – As I was sick, I enjoyed the 51 channels and the current Indovision guide to know what was on when. Room service was nice, too; my order of soup came with a large glass of ice water, bread and butter.

    Other people (and maybe me too if I stay there again) would enjoy the cavernous swimming pool, the large grounds – including a 700m running track! – and the 23 acres of well-kept gardens.

    My only concerns are that in some places the hotel is starting to look a little tired/old, and the breakfast/restaurant area is a bit small for the number of guests staying there. The bathroom ergonomics are a little unusual – e.g. handtowel at thigh level, door opening straight towards the toilet – but you can get used to that.

    I would recommend the Borobudur Hotel for travellers wanting a less generic, more Indonesian accommodation experience; it is also suitable for first-time visitors to Indonesia with families.

  2. Chris says:

    I stayed here again recently, but this time I brought my family (parents, wife and two year old child).

    Parents and child enjoyed the cavernous pools, while child really liked the outdoor play area. It would be nice if the play area was covered, to keep it dry when it’s raining and cool when it’s sunny.

    Borobudur Hotel is the only hotel I’ve stayed at in Jakarta which offers Playhouse Disney, my child’s favourite channel.

    I found the air conditioning a little cold, but there were individual controls and you could switch it off if necessary. My parents’ only complaint was their kettle didn’t work, and a replacement was a long time arriving.

    Their Christmas decorations were surprisingly tasteful, too.

  3. Barbara Burr, Adelaide, South Australia says:

    The Hotel Borobodur is an oasis in the heart of Jakarta, combining elegance and grandeur with friendly, efficient service. We found the location near Gambir Railway Station very handy for our plans to travel by train. Guestrooms and restaurants overlook beautiful gardens, the outdoor pool and restaurant. Sumptuous smorgasbords are a specialty of the Bogor CafĂ©, with a selection of both Indonesian and Western food. We checked out before breakfast to catch an early morning train. The hotel packed us a box of fruit, pastries and juice for our journey. We didn’t stay long enough to explore all the facilities. We will be back!

  4. Fanny lim says:

    Last friday, I came to borobudur hotel for two days conference so basically I stayed there because I wanted to have some extra time to rest. The room is beautiful with an individual control ac and clean sheet and towels. Unfortunately, the service is very poor. My friend and i want to have a late lunch before she went back to her hometown. We went to bogor cafe which is very famous with the oxtail soup and we have to wait approximately 10 minutes to be seated with nothing in the menu is prepared. I don’t understand why they still open despite the understaffed and unready food. In the afternoon , I called the gym to ask the place and the only answer i get was the gym is located in a different side of the room and a little far,not a welcoming answer I guessed. But the very bad service is when I realized I left some stuff in the room, I called the receptionist, they told me they did not have a service to sent the stuff I left. I have to sent someone to pick up my stuff or they will wait for me to be back to jakarta. The front office was also not a polite one. So much for a five star hotel.

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