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  • Treva International Hotel is a 3 star hotel
  • the average visitor rating for Treva International Hotel is 3 out of 5

The Treva International is a fairly good budget choice hotel for those seeking a central position in the Big Durian near the Menteng and Cikini areas, and which is close to Gambir train station. The Treva impresses upon entrance, with a pleasant and modern reception and lobby area; the rooms however can seem tired and not as clean as some would hope: this largely comes with the territory for cheap hotels in Jakarta. The rooms do come with colour tv’s, with international channels, however.

Facilities wise Treva International doesn’t disappoint, having a swimming pool, gym, sauna, coffee shop, and a bar, called “Langkisau”. Nightly rates begin from a very affordable $14. Reserve a room.

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Treva International Hotel is at Jalan Menteng Raya 33 in Central Jakarta.{wpregooglemap}

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