Hotel Pangeran Beach

Class: 4 star
Town: Padang
From: $55
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Hotel Pangeran Beach

About Hotel Pangeran Beach

  • Pangeran Beach Hotel in Padang, West Sumatra is a 4 star hotel
  • the average visitor rating for Pangeran Beach Hotel is 3 out of 5

The Pangeran is a very large imposing building overlooking a spacious swimming pool and a small, forlorn not very appealing beach, and has a resort feel. It is an older, Indonesian owned establishment. There are persistent reported problems with internet access at the Pangeran, and the rooms are old and sometimes not well maintained however by Padang standards it should be tolerable overall.

It is fairly pricey with nightly rates starting from $55. Reserve a room.

Map & Address

Pangeran Beach Hotel is at Jalan Insinyur Haji Juanda 79 in Padang, West Sumatra.

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