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About Gazebo Meno Hotel

  • Gazebo Meno on Gili Meno Island in Lombok is a 1 star hotel
  • the average visitor rating for Gazebo Meno is 3.4 out of 5

Gazebo Meno provides 1 star rated bungalow and cottage accommodation on Gili Meno Island off the north west coast of Lombok. It is one of the oldest established resorts on the quite paradise island of Gili Meno and provides a reasonably priced option for tourists seeking simple cabin type rooms who don’t mind the somewhat dated interiors. The Gazebo Meno is situated right on the beach with coral reefs within easy reach, and has the best location of the hotels on the island.

There is no hot water in the outdoor bathrooms and showers, and overall this is a budget choice, not for those seeking five star luxury. A good breakfast is served however, all for about $67 a night. Reserve a room.

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Gazebo Meno is in Gili Meno Island, Lombok.{wpregooglemap}

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